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Please check out our events and shelter happenings below!  We are now sending emails detailing our upcoming events.  We typically only send out 2-4 emails a month.  Sign up at the bottom of this page!  

Hey, Scratching Post Fans!

We will be participating in the Stroll & Shop Silverton Yard Sale this year. If you have any items suitable for a garage sale (NO CLOTHING, PLEASE!) you may drop them off at the shelter any day between 10am - 4pm. Deadline for donations will be July 22, 2024. Thank MEW

2024 yard sale.jpg


Contribute $100 or more in response to this advertisement and you will receive an evening or afternoon of cat themed board gaming for up to 4 people. (maximum of 20 winners). Deadline is September 28, 2024.


David Sellers, our very own board member, collects cat-themed board games. He also has an extensive history teaching games of all types and complexity with over 100

titles taught to groups, and online in a teaching podcast.


The gaming would be scheduled starting in June through the end of the year at mutually convenient times, dates and locations. Refreshments will be offered. You would also pick the games based on your group. Since David also has over 100 board games in his collection, you can pick a non-themed cat game if you like. Here is a sample of Cat themed games from David's collection:

CAT LADY - ages 14 and up

In Cat Lady, players are cat ladies, part of an elite group of people including Marie Antoinette and Ernest Hemingway. During the game, you and your fellow cat ladies will draft cards three at a time, collecting toys, food, catnip, costumes, and of course lovable cats. But watch out! Make sure you have enough food for all of your feline friends or your hungry cats will subtract points from your score. The player with the highest total victory points wins!

CAT CRIMES - ages 8 and up

Which of the cats did the crime? A Game where your group plays detective.


CAT IN THE BOX - ages 14 and up

The quintessential quantum trick-taking card game for 2 - 5 cool cats, where your card’s color isn’t defined until you play it! Hypothesize how many tricks you will win and record your bid. Place tokens on the community research board as you play your hand and connect large groups of tokens to score even more points. Plan your tricks carefully as you cannot claim the color of a card with the same number that has already been declared. Doing so would be pawsitively catastrophic as you have just created a paradox! Supports 2-5 players

FRED'S CRAZY CAT LADY - ages 5 and up

The go-to game for those with an affinity for felines. Your goal is to stack and balance the most cats on the wobbling lady without them toppling over.

CALICO - Ages 10 and up

Calico is a gorgeous spatial puzzle game for the whole family! Players are quilters competing to create the coziest, most beautiful quilts. Turns are simple - sew patches into your quilt by drafting and placing tiles onto your personal board. Earn victory points by sewing on buttons, fulfilling your design goals, and attracting cuddly cats to curl up on your quilt!

THE ISLE OF CATS - ages 8 and up

You are a citizen of Squall’s End and are on a rescue mission to save as many cats as possible before Vesh arrives. You must explore the island, rescue cats, gather ancient treasures and find a way to fit them all onto your boat before returning safely to Squall’s End.

September 28, 2024

New location!

Livingston Lodge

9350 Given Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45243

details to follow!

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